osama_binladenOsama bin Laden has released another timely videotape promising to have his vengeance on Western supporters of the state of Israel. He threatened to “continue our war of attrition” if the US did not pull out of Afghanistan, halt its aid to Israel and throw out any and all neoconservatives from the White House.

During the reign of George W. Bush we saw a spike in support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,along with taunting video’s of an alleged Osama bin Laden dwelling somewhere and nowhere,while the United States was seemingly playing a game of ‘Where is Waldo’ ; The Bush administration tried and failed to capture the sworn enemy of the state,thus leaving the game ready and waiting for a new ‘hero’ to step up and destroy the ‘bad-guy’.

For Osama’s 9/11 message this year, he referred to President Obama and his address in Cairo to the Muslim world in June as well as the President’s agenda in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan:

In the recording, the man identified as Bin Laden reiterates long-standing grievances including American support for Israel and “some other injustices.” He puts forward a reading list of recent books, including one by a former CIA agent, which the tape says will clarify the “message” of the terrorist attack eight years ago. The recording notes that the Obama administration includes key figures from the previous Bush administration, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates. 

The voice, believed to be that of Bin Laden, thus concludes President Obama is a weakened man and powerless to change course in Afghanistan because of “pressure groups.” And, if he tries, the tape says “his fate will be feared” to be like that of the assassinated President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert.

This new message by Osama Bin Laden is extremely auspicious and casts a shadow of extreme doubt over the existence of an alleged foe who finds it most appropriate to wave his presence just in the nick of time.
The war in Iraq has not gained support since the election of Barack ‘Prodigal Son’ Obama, and has begun it’s salient decline in the recent months:

“Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?”

June 2009
Favor – 34%
Oppose – 64%
Unsure – 2%

May 2009
Favor – 34%
Oppose – 65%
Unsure – 1%

According to the translations of the speech, the stated purpose of  Bin Laden’s address is “to remind [America] of the causes” of September 11th, primarily “[America's] support to Israeli allies who occupy our land of Palestine”.

Bin Laden, who is believed to be hiding in the mountainous region along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, argued against claims that the war was necessary for US security.

He said White House officials were merely following the strategy of the Bush-Cheney administration to “promote the previous policies of fear to market the interests of big companies”.

Accordingly,when Obama became president he happened to retain many of the military leaders from the Bush administration, such as defence secretary, Robert Gates, which led Osama Bin Laden to assess in his 2009 address that “reasonable people know that Obama is a powerless man who will not be able to end the war as he promised”.

I would have to agree with “Osama” in terms of President Obama being powerless-though ironically his administration has proven,once again,that when you pull out the gangly snare of Al Qaeda you will grab everyones attention.

I am of the opinion that either Osama Bin Laden,a close former ally of the United States, is either dead or close to it and also that he had nothing to do with what happened on September 11th,2001.
Dragging out the annual Al Qaeda inveiglement is another ploy of an administration bent on ratifying Bush & Co’s commisions which left Iraq and Afghanistan branded occupied territories under Western dominance and torturous settlement.

Going back to the timeliness of these “Osama” speeches,one must admit that they always come around during the most implausible moments. According to the Gaurdian:

“In a previous message, in June, a speech attributed to Bin Laden said Obama had planted the seeds of “revenge and hatred” towards the US in the Muslim world. Those remarks were issued just before a speech by Obama in which the president said he sought a “new beginning” between the US and Muslims”

If Osama is going to be branded by our media as some crazy Muslim extremist living in a cave somewhere in the Af-Pak region I must question the sanity of Americans who believe that this man can not only afford the control room present in his subterranean grotto but stay up to date with press events being attended to by our current President.

Whether you believe in the fable of Osama Bin Laden or not, you must admit that there is a tremendous dosage of irony laced in this bitter and never-ending story. Just when you think the man is gone he pops up only to shake his fist in our general direction – while the Neoconservative have a field day shouting,” SEE,SEE! I told you he’s real!”

Approval ratings for Obama and the asinine wars of the West are down for the count and time will surely tell if this new “Osama recording” will do anything to stop ratings from hitting rock bottom.

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  1. I must agree, the timing of these tapes are always suspicious. I don’t know if I’m completely with you on all your points, but I don’t have any evidence to the contrary either. I don’t trust governmental propaganda at all & this is definitely something that could fit that. No matter what, no tape or threat changes my view of the wars in the first place, they were stupid & we should never have gone, so end it now.

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