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A Palestinian human rights advocate claims the Zionist Occupation Forces buried some Palestinians alive during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

This being reported from the Palestinian Information Centre:

Palestinian human rights activist Nashaat Al-Wahidi, revealed Monday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) deliberately killed Palestinians after detaining them and buried others alive during Israel’s military aggression on the Gaza Strip at the end of December last year.

Wahidi said in his report that the Israeli soldiers liquidated many Palestinian civilians after they were held as prisoners in the invaded areas in Gaza during the war. He added that during the invasion of Al-Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza, in the same month, Israeli troops buried many civilians who got wounded alive as happened with Ihab Malaka, Waleed Azzam and others, noting that this crime was committed against the wounded civilians who were present west of Dawla apartment building.

The activist also unveiled that many Palestinian civilians disappeared during the Israeli war and their fate is still unknown so far, which entails activating the file of missing Palestinians and Israel’s secret prisons. [link]

While coming across such heart-stopping information we should not forget a statement recently made by Interior Minister Eli Yishai wherein he said that ”Israel has always been one sheep among 70 wolves,”
When I come across pictures like the one provided above
I do not see innocent sheep,I see piranas.

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  1. Ya Allah….I believe that God is fair.

  2. 2 smokingmirrors

    The real tragedy is two fold.

    One; what is being uncovered is not so bad as what is yet hidden.

    Two; Most people don’t care. They would rather people die than that they should be hindered on their way. even for the most mundane things.

  3. 4 BREW


  4. 5 Dave

    Those Zionists are sub-human!!!

    • 6 Chris Charabaruk

      Funny, they think the same thing about everyone who isn’t a Zionist. Once you start down the same path in opposition to them, you’re no better than they are.

      “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.”

  5. 7 Andrew

    I am so glad that all the so called “adults” of this world have nothing better to do than to make weapons of war to kill children with.

    What does that tell you about people’s religion when they think killing children is okay?

    This will never end until all the religious people kill each other, or fight with the communists. Which ever comes first…

    • 8 politicaltheatrics

      Why make religion the scapegoat here?
      Zionism rejects faith and even those with no faith kill and do harm to others.

      Zionism is another putrid ‘ism’ which does not adhere to the teachings of the Torah or even the Bible and Anti-Zionist Jews reject it outright.

      This is blatant immorality and one does not need to be a follower of a religion to see it as such.

      • 9 Tom

        For centuries if not millenia, religion has been used as a primary justification for land theft from other groups who are not of the same religion. As such, religion functions in the real world as a mechanism for Darwinian group selection, where the genes of one group are promoted at the expense of another group through group behavior. In North America our version was “Manifest Destiny” which declared that God wanted white Christian Europeans to take the land from the red Pagan Native Americans. And it worked: there are a lot more European genes in North America today than there are Native American genes.

        It would be nice to believe that humanity has outgrown such claptrap, but the Zionist treatment of Palestinians proves otherwise.

        • 10 politicaltheatrics

          “Religion has been used [...]”
          I agree with that premise,it has been used and especially when seeking to usurp land,murder etc
          My only disagreement is that the people,not the faith in question,are to blame.
          Zionism is diametric to both Christianity & Judaism.

  6. 11 Les Pisrael

    Just as America’s 2% Jewish population control government,so was Hitler’s Germany. Hitler’s regime was very zionist. Over 650,000 Jews were relocated into palistine. The camps were housing polish Jews distant to palistine. don’t kid yourselves,America funded and rebuilt Germany after WWI–for this purpose. Things went wrong,when Germany faultered to smash Russia twice WWI WWII– enemy of the Jewish people.
    Don’t blame the Isralies–blame 1st Americans/France/ Germany/ENG–they are funding this Xrussian military U.S. base

    • 12 politicaltheatrics

      Jews I have no qualms with,Zionists on the other hand – I do take issue with.
      By painting all Jews with the same brush you are in turn subjecting the Jews who stand beside Palestinians to the same arguments:

      Anti-Zionist Jews Support Palestine:
      “We seek the return of all Palestinian refugees to their rightful land.

      We seek to live in the land of Palestine as anti Zionist Jews. To reside as loyal and peaceful Palestinian citizens, in peace and harmony with our Muslim Brethren. Just as our ancestors lived in Palestine for centuries before the usurpations of this tragic century.”

  7. 13 michael mazur

    There is picture from the recent Gaza mass murder of what seemed to me a 6 storey apartment building where the concrete floors had all perfectly and symmetrically pancaked with the core of the building housing the lift still upright.

    How could that actually be made to happen, so neat, like a stack of playing cards – but without the joker ?

    Add that picture to another one from that massacre of innocents, which is of a building basement against the wall of which is standing a elongated unexploded shiny steel bomb, with its oversize indicated by the dwarfing of a man near it.

    May i offer the idea that there is a connection between the two pics, which is that the bomb in the first pic was just like the one in the second pic except that at the end of the one second delay there was a failure to trigger the main charge in the bomb visible in that second pic.

    The built in delay ensures that detonation of the main charge occurs in the basement thus knocking out the supports of the building, effecting the pancaking of the floors thus crushing any people still there which would more easily explain the absence of some people, if they are not in Israeli jails, than the suggestion that they were buried alive by the Israelis.

    Think of it, what would that entail ? Would the Israelis be handing shovels to Palestinians to dig their own graves ?, for to dig a grave sized hole with a shovel takes far more time (most of the day) than a impatient Israeli would have – and it would also need a pick and a crowbar.

    Also too, if true, then each grave would be easily seen for what it is by returning residents and have been uncovered by now.

    So, excuse my scepticism about Israelis burying people alive under the circumstances there – not that they wouldn’t do it if circumstances permitted, because we know that what they already do would blanch the face of a fiend.

    But they did have large numbers of bulldozers come in afterwards, levelling huge areas, which puts a different aspect on it in that the dozer can cut deep furrows, and as long as is required, and if these large areas are then uniformly bulldozed of their already destroyed buildings, then much rubble can be spread all over such furrow graves.

    As smokingmirrors says, `what is being uncovered is not so bad as what is yet hidden`.

    Maybe it was like that.

  8. 14 Dave

    If ths story regarding the photo is true and if that were my daughter,I would spend the rest of my life killing those that did this,their children and their pets.

  9. 15 Yisrael

    Those killed shall forever live with God.
    Those killers shall forever dwell in hell.

  10. 16 Diane

    what did the little children ever do to deserve this.

    The grief of this horror haunts me and probably will for the rest of my life.

  11. 17 tom

    If the best way to fight monsters is to become one I gladly volunteer if it ensures the monsters destruction.

  12. 18 Waffen SS

    Israel is Great.Jewish are Great.

    • 19 politicaltheatrics

      Israel is great – at dodging international law,getting away with murder,persecuting an entire population, bombing the living hell out of Lebanon and Palestine etc
      Yeah,great stuff right there.

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